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Friday, November 03, 2006



Ooh awesome link, I'm checking it out too!! Even if I can't do them now with my daughter, I'm positive they'll come in very handy when I can! :)


How exactly do you play stickers?


An update: It seems that sticker mania has subsided. We are now fully absorbed in "Momis" (that's Thomas the Tank Engine to you and me).

Beth: Playing stickers involves holding the sticker book so Sophia can take the stickers out, locating the page the sticker belongs on, being a willing recipient and allowing Sophia to stick stickers on each of your fingers, the tops of your hands, and occasionally your face. It involves combating your anal retentiveness and allowing Sophia to stick the stickers on the wrong page and resisting the urge to straighten the stickers so the match up with the outline of the sticker. All quite taxing stuff...

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